What are the best mattresses for side sleepers? How should they select their mattresses?

          Side sleeping is the best and the healthiest position of sleeping. It has many benefits like improved blood circulation, ease in digestion, alleviation of acid reflux and heartburn, stimulation of brain, etc. The position is also good for chronic snorers. However, the best out of the position can be made only when the right choice is made at the mattress store Denver.

            Here is a complete guide to choose the right mattress for side sleepers

Should support pressure points

            When people sleep on their side, most of the body is supported on the shoulders. This makes the internal organs like heart and lungs to take in pressure. It might also cause numbness in arms when one wakes up. However, this can be overcome by using a mattress that offers good support to shoulders in this position. Both memory foam mattress and latex mattress at mattress store Denver offer shoulder support.

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            One can also use a pillow to provide proper support. Goal is to maintain natural curvature of the spine, especially the neck.

Firmness rating

            Never go for mattress that is too firm. Too much firmness for this sleeping position creates discomforts. Also do not go too soft. There are extra soft types in mattress store Denver that give good hugging sleep. However, it is not suited for side sleepers.

Select the firmness after lying down in the store. The following are the standard firmness ratings available

  1. 1 – extremely soft
  2. 2 – 3 àsoft and plush
  3. 4 – 6 àmedium
  4. 7 – 9 àfirm
  5. 10 – extremely firm.

Sleeping partners

            If the sleeping partner is more than 200 lbs, he might feel difficulties in sleeping. This is because, side sleepers sink in more than the other types of sleepers. If the partner is also a side sleeper, a common solution can be found. Otherwise, the couple should visit a mattress expert. They can also choose options where 2 independent sides can be created. There are also customized blended products to solve these types of sleeping problems among partners.

Pillow top

            Heavy side sleepers might get unsatisfied with certain mattresses from mattress store Denver. This is because, body cannot decide till it is accustomed to the habit for at least 21 days.

            One need not change a mattress for this. Use a pillow top mattress pad. This gives a cushioning effect and makes the side sleepers extremely comfortable.